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Behind the Design

Design Objective
In-Site’s NYC team of interior designers developed this Collection to satisfy a need for quick, well-designed home and lounge decor. Each collection represents hours of thoughtful, selective designs for walls, furnishings and windows that will enhance spaces with color, texture and couture level style.
Your Special Benefits
You will benefit from this collection because it will save you hours of shopping time. We’ve already shopped the full market and selected only high quality products.

It takes away the fear that things won’t go well together if you’re shopping at different stores. With over 30 years of combined residential and commercial design experience In-Site has put together beautiful and well-coordinated Collections. I am the Creative Principal at In-Site and my sharp sense of Interior styling and keen eye ensures that everything within a collection is unique and desirable to make a design statement in your space.

It is a quick fix for your home blues: just Add to Cart and we will immediately start processing your order in our workroom and at our vendors to ship your products right away. Whatever is in stock is shipped quickly and those items that made to order especially for you, like pillows and draperies, are shipped as soon as they are completed. Your room will be transformed in no time and you will be happy living with the beautiful things we’ve selected for you.

No more agonizing over what is the best color to paint the room! And no need to struggle with exactly which shade of white to choose. We’ve done it all for you! Just sit back and enjoy your Designer Look.

Have you been afraid to use a designer? Worried about having them come into your private spaces or the expense of it all? Well, here is your way to have a perfect Home Couture look for your room at a fraction of the cost! And you shop from the privacy of your own home!

What is your Favorite Style?
Traditional: Interiors leans towards historical references with molding and more ornate detailing in furniture and accessories.

Contemporary: Interiors are more sparse, with clean lines, few moldings. Can be more from the ’60’s with Modernism, or Italian influenced with minimal detailing.

Transitional: Interiors are in the middle…some moldings for interest, but no heavy detailing on furniture or frames. Clean lines but not minimalistic.

Would you label your style as Traditional? Then look at Farmhouse Retreat and Classic Revolution. Or do you lean towards Contemporary style: Check out Urban Loft and Bold Play. And if you’re not sure and fall somewhere in the middle, a more Transitional style, then Winter Blush and Santa Fe Valley are for you.

Each Collection’s Design Strategy
FARMHOUSE RETREAT: Traditional, Rustic, Inviting.

Here you’ll find a beautiful traditional plaid in a woven fabric that creates a mood of rustic tranquility. Our plaid is great for window treatments and features warm camel, sage and rust to provide a framework of a color statement for the rest of the Collection. Warm, golden shades, bronze metal accents, and antiquey reds in the accessories and pillows give the room a cozy, welcoming feel. If you’re fortunate enough to be painting, the color palette we selected is great for walls (consider painting one wall in a strong accent color!). It also includes the perfect shade of white for the trim color and ceiling color. Call us to discuss how the paint palette can be uniquely used in your room.


CLASSIC REVOLUTION: Traditional, Time-honored, Prestigious.

We consider it our upscale, somewhat preppy Collection. The blues are a deep navy and the reds are royal. Patterns are geometric and many of the accessories have a nautical feel to them. We love the airy drapery sheers which have a texture so your windows aren’t bare, they’re dressed just right! Check out the beautiful original art print by NYC photographer, Christopher Lovi. It brings all the colors together and unites the room! The paint palette gives you the most perfect shade of blues, reds, and whites.


WINTER BLUSH: Soft, Monochromatic, Elegant.

It may have winter in its name but it’s a year round way to have an elegant and plush look to your room. When you start with white and add a touch of taupe or a dash of soft pink, you end up with Blush, the newest color statement. We love this Collection and it has my favorite pillow: The Softest Kiss. This beats any store’s furry pillow. This plush pillow is like having a furry friend. And it’s so neutral it will coordinate in many rooms but best with the other pillows and accessories in this Collection. You simply must get the pillow insert for this pillow. We selected the best combination of feathers and fiberfill so it is soft, full and fluffy. Also check out the floral art that feels like a watercolor painting. All of it makes for a serene and peaceful vibe.


SANTA FE VALLEY: Nature-Inspired, Western Color Palette

We named it Santa Fe Valley because we’re influenced by the incredible red mountains of Utah, and the glorious sunsets in Arizona. The embroider fabric of the Palatki Pillow is what we built this Collection around. Paired with the blue Shale draperies that have a touch of golden sunrise, your room will sing! And that’s one of my favorite compliments to a well-coordinated room! There’s a harmony when color, pattern and texture all combine to make a space…well, sing! The Santa Fe Valley Paint Palette features warm colors that will work in adobe houses as well as urban rooms to create a warm, relaxing space.


URBAN LOFT: Sophisticated, Upscale, Cosmopolitan.

Here we’ve paired a warm gray palette with an ochre that creates a unique and sharp design statement. The textures and geometric patterns in this Collection are contemporary and you’ll feel energetic and refreshed when your room is updated. The window treatments are so special…you won’t find these anywhere. So start feeling great when you walk into your new room.


BOLD PLAY: Contemporary, Fresh, Positive.

We say it’s playful, but it more than that: it’s happy! You’ll feel uplifted by the colors and geometric patterns we used here. If you’re just starting out in a new apartment or home, go for the Essentials Package which will start you off with the necessities to have a beautiful room. It’s a great combination of a teal, happy green and white that makes for a cheerful space. The artwork, the pillows and the accessories are just perfect… and you will feel how good design can make you feel, fast.


Do you have questions? Call me! I would love to talk about your room and how our Luxurious Collections will make your room look like one of those on our website or in a magazine. I know you want to feel good and we know that when your environment looks good, you feel good. Don’t deny yourself anymore!


With Best Wishes for a Happy Design Day,