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Tips for Making a Room Sing!

Our goal at Home Couture Collections is to create spaces that resonate with the personality of our clients. So we spend time learning about they like and what makes them happy. In order to help more of you have homes that you love, we’ve created six Color Schemes with Personality! When choosing a Scheme, look for the colors that make you happy! That’s the basis for any great design.

Do navy blues make you feel warm and cozy? Then check out Classic Revolution.

Do soft whites make you relaxed? Then you’ll love Winter Blush.

Do you want to be energized? Go with Bold Play.

Are you an urban chic? You’ll feel great with Urban Loft.

Do you love vintage? Country looks? Then Farmhouse Retreat is for you.

Does the Midwest inspire you? Do you love dusky blues and leathery browns? Feel the Santa Fe Valley!

If you’re selecting paint colors for the walls, remember to look at the color samples vertically. Tape them to the wall. Look at them in morning light. And evening light. The paint colors within our Collections are all coordinated for you, so you know they work together great!

When in doubt, order the color samples and you’ll see how great they look!

Paint: It’s not all about the color

We all know the best things about paint: How it so quickly transforms a space or piece of furniture into something new or how it just creates a mood, sets a tone!

But there’s more to know about selecting the right quality of paint so it does the job you need. I’ve always been a big fan of Benjamin Moore paint. It goes on well (having many years of actual painting experience behind me as a big DIY person!)  It holds its color well after cleaning, and the range of color is so easy to work with as a designer! Here are some other things to plan on when you’re selecting paint for your next project:

-Consider using their Aura quality paint for high moisture areas like bathrooms and shower areas. It has a chemical bonding process that helps to prevent mildew. Having had this problem in one of my bathrooms, I can wholly testify to this particular benefit! I used the regular Aura quality but their Aura Bath and Spa quality is bound to be even better!

-For those of us who are looking to walk into a room after it is painted and not be able to smell it’s been painted, look to the Natura quality of paint. Right now all of Benjamin Moore’s paint are low-VOC’s. That means that the chemicals that cause the “paint smell” have been drastically reduced. The Natura quality actually has 0 VOC’s, which means you can’t smell it at all. This is great when you want to sleep in the same room the night that it’s been painted!

-When selecting paint for wood trim, consider using their Advance Alkyd quality. It goes on smooth like an oil paint but with low-VOC, it doesn’t have the oil smell. And it cleans up with water! They say it even holds white longer than other paints. It may be a little more expensive, but this one is worth it.

As a designer, color is always so VERY important! In my office I have the Benjamin Moore Classic Color, the Color Gallery, the Williamsburg Collection and their most up-to-date Color Story collection. I use them all! We have fun picking out color, determining the “personality” the room or furniture piece will have, judging which is the best color for the walls for the project at hand, and doing something special with trim (if that’s what we’re doing!) There are so many choices and we love having it all! White Benjamin Moore is our number one choice, we also have color sets from Mystic Paints, Farrow and Ball, Stark Paint, Lambert and Pratt and Sherwin Williams! We do color well!!

Here’s wishing you a great Color Day!