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Classic Revolution Design Packages

Classic Revolution

A transformative take on traditional design that’s stylishly complex

Dramatic, highly symmetrical and high end, Classic Revolution reestablishes the importance of color after the ‘graydom’ of the past few years, bringing back classic jewel tones of bold red and navy in fresh and luxurious ways. Motif inspired patterns harken back, while creating a level of stylish complexity when paired with plush solids. Marble, lush leathers, dark hardwoods, and gold metallic accents complete this regal transformation for a look that’s Classically Refined.


Choose From Our Two Designer Packages

The Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package includes the Classic Revolution Paint Palette, 1 Pair of Sheer Drapery Panels, 3 Accent Pillows, 3 Luxury Pillow Inserts, 2 Vases, 1 Sculpture, 1 Limited Edition Framed Artwork, and 1 Mirror.


The Essentials Package

This Essentials Package includes the Classic Revolution Paint Palette, 2 Accent Pillows, 2 Luxury Pillow Inserts, 1 Vase, 2 Sculptures, and 2 Custom Framed Artworks.