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Urban Loft Design Packages

Urban Loft Design Packages

Urban Loft

Warm whites, cool metallics, and architectural elements are at the core of this city inspired Collection.

Like all good contemporary design, Urban Loft brings intrigue to a space through materiality and form by employing rich textures and strong geometries. Its palette is predominantly neutral, but never boring, pulsing with pops of unexpected color, and sophisticated drama. Introduce a hint of yellow to perfectly complement luxurious grey neutrals, or juxtapose cool metallic accents against a painted backdrop of warm whites. Urban Loft gives you an ultramodern look that says you’re ready for anything!


Choose From Our Two Designer Packages

The Ultimate Package

This Package includes the Urban Loft Paint Palette, 1 Pair of Lined Drapery Panels, 3 Accent Pillows, 3 Luxury Pillow Inserts, 1 Vase, 1 Tray, 2 Sculptures, 1 Custom Framed Artwork, and 1 Mirror.


The Essentials Package

The Essentials Package includes the Santa Fe Valley Paint Palette, 2 Accent Pillows, 2 Luxury Pillow Inserts, 2 Vases, 1 Tray, and 2 Framed Artworks.